Hello Portlet with MyEclipse over 6.5

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1. Introduction

This document presents an overview of JSR 168 Portlet development features available in MyEclipse 6.5.

To get a better feel for MyEclipse and learning more about it, please check out our product Documentation for more material.

2. Adding Portlet Support to Web Projects

In order to create a Portlet project, first it requires you start wiith an existing MyEclipse Web Project. Then you can add JSR 168 Portlet Capabilities to it to give it Portlet ...

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How to install WCE ( Websphere Commerce Enterprise) ?

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WCE gồm: Database node, Web Server node, Websphere Commerce node.

Mô hình chung: có 3 loại: one-node, two-node, three-node

One-node: Database , Web Server , Websphere Commerce cùng 1 server

– Database trên server A.
– Web Server, Websphere Commerce cùng trên server B.

– Database trên Server A.
– Web Server trên Server B.
– Websphere Commerce trên server C.

WebSphere Commerce software requirements – Windows and can ...

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