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Why HDDs won't be replaced by SSDs

M2 SSD WD 1Tb font.

SSDs are getting cheaper but sill haven’t completely replaced HDDs, Why ? Let’s find out together. I don’t know much about hardware but it comes to HDD branding, I always like WD (Western Degital)

  • WD Blue: for the most basic users (1Tb / $48 / warranty: 2 years)
  • WD Black: for advanced users, the price is double that is more durable than Blue (racommended) (1Tb / $100 / warranty: 5 years)
  • WD Red Pro: used for NAS
  • WD Purple: used for Camera devices
  • WD VelociRaptor, RE/SE: used for server, workstation.

SSD 2.5

  • SSD WD Green 480Gb ($50 / warranty: 3 years)
  • SSD WD Blue 500Gb ($70)
  • SSD WD Blue 1Tb: $130
  • SSD WD BLue 2Tb: $220


  • M2 Green 480Gb (2280): 1tr4
  • M2 NVMe Blue 500Gb: $100
  • M2 Black 500Gb: $150
  • M2 Black 1Tb: $250
  • M2 Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB: $250

M2 SSD WD 1Tb black.

Disadvantage of M2 is timelife limited, It can be used for about 5 years.

Video test HDD vs SSD:

HDD can’t be completely replaced because SSD price is still high and demand for using HDD is still got. And the loading speed between SSD and M2 is not too much difference.

  • If you don’t care about money, you can choose two M2 Black 1TB: 8tr x 2 = 16tr.
  • The most delicated one should choose: SSD WD Blue 500Gb: 1tr7 and HDD WD 1Tb: 2tr, total: 1tr7 + 2tr = 3tr7.


Published Jul 6, 2020

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