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Mechanical keyboard

We’re working on the software industry and use keyboard over 8 hours per day. If you don’t know about mechanical keyboard, you should find out and use once in your life.

  1. Why’s mechanical keyboard (mech)?
  2. Pros

    • Improved Typing Experience: (Feels) how the keyboard makes YOU feel. The sound, look, and tactility.
    • Features: what different keyboards can do, and how many keys it takes to get the job done.
    • Cost: Okay, so how much do you want to spend?
  3. Cons

    • High Price: Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than most membrane keyboards.
    • Sound Level: Mechanical keyboards are usually a bit louder than other keyboards, especially the mechanical keyboard with BLUE switches. If that’s a problem for you, you can either choose one of the silent mechanical keyboard with switch RED.
    • High Weight: More weight benefits the stability, but it also makes transporting the keyboard a bit less comfortable. Additionally, the weight can be annoying, if you want to put the keyboard on your lap.
  4. Switches: suggestion Cherry MX
  5. Linear: (Red, Yellow, Black)

    • Smooth, consistent, quiet noise
  6. Tactile: (Brown, Clear)

    • Moderate noise.
  7. Clicky (Blue, Green): almost people begin with mechanical keyboard choose.

    • Loud noise.

There isn’t a single “best switch”. Switch preferences are 100% personal opinion. You should buy a 20switchtestertofindoutwhatsortofweight/tactilityyoupreferinaswitchbeforedropping20 switch tester to find out what sort of weight/tactility you prefer in a switch before dropping80+ on a full keyboard. It gives you far more perspective than anything online can.

  1. Brand names:
  2. Dareu (bluetooth): 2020 -50
  3. Leopold

Say no with Razer, Ducky. These brands tend to be overpriced, low build quality, and have gaudy LEDs and plastic strapped all over the place.