NodeJS for beginners

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Some keywords that you must find out if you want to learn nodejs: promise, asynchronous, callback, callback hell, eslint, ES6, functional programming, parameter as function.
IDE: Visual Studio Code (free), IntelliJ (license), Eclipse, Atom, sublime text, ….
These libraries that I used to use: npm, yarn, eslint, async, fs, lodash, expressJS, node-fetch, nconf, mongoosejs, graphql, react, redux , jsdoc, rimraf, husky
xml parser : sax, saxpath, xml2js.

  • npm:
  • eslint:
  • Check eslint: ./node_modules/.bin/eslint –cache –fix ./src
  • Create eslint report: node_modules/.bin/eslint app.js -o eslint_report.html ...
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